Sunday, February 10, 2013

2.5-sty Terrace/Link House (USJ Height Capri)

Land Title:Residential
Land Area:26’ x 80’
Total Units/Lots:66
Bedrooms: 7
Bathroom: 7
Swimming pool @ 3rd level
Price: RM 2 100 000
Gross Built-Up Area: From Approx. 4,887 sq ft
Land Area: From Approx. 2,852 sq ft

Architectural Concept :

The overall concept is based on Modern Mediterranean living. This is manifested in the layout, the facade treatment and weather-protected balconies. The play of solids against voids and the opaque against the transparent works towards a comfortable, modern and stylish living environment. The simple lines of external area are carried inwards with efficient planning, always in keeping with the principle of unifying the inside and outside space. The overall site development and extensive landscaping carries through to create a stylish Mediterranean ambiance.

Architectural Feature :

2 ½ Storey Superlink houses with a central communal green area.
The curvilinear, paved road with cul-de-sac and landscape give a varied vista.
The building has double frontage façade with a modern Mediterranean touch.
Thin flat roof of the car porch intensifies the datum line for the features wall and providing ample protection for the cars.

For more information, please contact Ahmad 0167777188

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